Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jim "Still Alive And Kicking"

Name: Jim
Age: 45
Sign: Peace
I grew up in: spite of my best efforts not to.
I currently live in: Northampton Mass.
Occupation: Live Music Promoter
You can find me: if I'm who you're really looking for
You will never find me: in transgender beastiality chatrooms...on a weekday
Your website or Charity you are passionate about:

1.) What (person, goal, dream) gets you out of bed each day? My Job

2.) What life experience has strengthened you the most? My near self-destruction

3.) What would you want to change about yourself? I would ask my brain to stop screaming and chattering at me

4.) How do you want to be remembered? As the guy who is still alive and kicking.

5.) What is your most prized possession? My Mac
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