Sunday, October 11, 2009

John "Health Is All I Care To Possess"

Occupied in text, audio, video, and live performance communications\entertainment
I grew up in the US. My father was a Naval Aviator, we moved all over.
I currently live in Baja California Norte, Mexico and Escondido, California.

I surf over a hundred times a year. Ride my bike a thousand or so on the hard sand or behind the retired aviator. I work when I have to. I’m in the garden more and sprucing up my aesthetic because I have a female partner now.

I can’t ascribe “never” to anywhere I might be.

I love my own blog, there, I said it.

I go to bed early and always wake in the dark. The dark of morning is my favorite time. Anything can happen today! My waking thoughts are diverse as the dreams that proceed them. I think about coffee the moment my feet hit the floor.

I hope I know God, it seems like I do, but I basically just pretend it’s true but it doesn’t seem like make believe to me. So He is my Captain (and lover). I try to do as He leads by seeing miracles as markers.

I forget past failure, and press forward (or sideways)

Joy and hope are success

Health is all I care to possess.
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